Social Media Content

Professional content is KING

First of all you need professional content. Content that is not professional enough could give the viewer a wrong image of your company or brand

Use this content the right way is QUEEN

You have professional content but now what? What are the best formats and settings without losing quality online? Knowing how to use your content is crucial to let your community grow

Consistency is KEY

Post constantly help to increase building your community. Do not post too much, that would annoy people.

Create your own style is a MUST

Your feed needs to be stunning to look at. If you use to much different colors the total image will not feel natural. A good design can help your feed come to life.

Captions that take ATTENTION

What should you say in captions? You need to get people curious so they are going to watch your content.

Hashtags is a secret PROMOTER

Do you need to use hashtags? Yes. It will help to find the people you want to reach.


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