We are Awake to Create

We are a film&edit duo that awakes to create. We found each other in our passion as filmmakers. So we decided to put our strengths together. Two businesses (Danlodriquez & Digitalduda) merged and became Awake to Create. We film businesses, weddings, travel, commercials and more.

Most of our struggles live in our mind. And society might teach us to follow the same path others have taken, we are here to help you unlearn that illusion. We are meant to explore the deeps of our mind and soul while creating the experiences of our lifetime – in this small blue dot we call Earth. We would like to take every moment, every bit of energy spent on this planet to inspire others and take them on a journey. So look through our lenses and see your stories coming to life, forever in your memory.

The urge to reach the top and nothing less. As a former professional high jumper I’ve done the impossible, I’ve jumped the highest with a body that could never accomplish such a thing – they said. Then I became a sports teacher only to witness the limiting borders of the school system. As I could not be a part of that, again I did the impossible by leaving a comfortable job. Along the way I realised that our mindset is a surprising force of nature. This helped me find my dream and make it happen, by creating the world every day through filmmaking. Now I can inspire others my own way. Through music as a DJ, visuals as a designer, and stories as a filmmaker I want to show others that there is more to life than what you learn in the classroom.

I’ve always been eager to learn and to be immersed in a creative state of mind. There were many hobbies when I was younger and that provided me with new experiences and opportunities to grow. This fuel ignited my dedication to the things I am passionate about – you can find me dancing, DJing or designing. But, even though working as a social media designer was rewarding, it still felt like the world was confined to a small box.
Now my reality is different, filmmaking occupies my dreams and gives me timeless energy. Every day is an opportunity to surround myself with creative minds, to explore the world and create inspiring stories. I look forward to finding you in one of them.

My childhood dream was to become a professional football player. Since I took my first steps, I’ve been kicking balls and trying tricks taken from YouTube. But the most fascinating part for me is seeing the creativity play together with the collaboration of all team members to achieve a common goal. This relentless drive to improve and desire to make an impact in the world inspired me to join the AwakeToCreate team. We don’t run on football fields but we play the long game of storytelling. This is what I am chasing now, the opportunity to capture your special moments on camera.

An engineer turned creative. With a background in the tech space, I jungled big projects from breakfast to dawn until my heart asked for more, and my eyes craved the beauty of the world through photography. My mission is to capture the small things in our surroundings, invisible to most, and inspire others to seek a life filled with purpose. We live on borrowed time and my aim is to make the best out of it, designing an experience that goes beyond borders and that brings a new perspective to your eyes.